TravelFlex (TRF)

1 TRF = 0.00036695 ETH
TravelFlex (TRF)














  • TRF Coin Transaction will be 1200-1400 per second
  • Decentralized Cryptocurrency with no transaction fee
  • Founders keeping 0% of TRF
  • General Purpose Crypto currency


  • The popularity of this ICO is not more as by now
Past ICO

TravelFlex – Decentralized Social Travel Network & Payment System. It is a new cryptocurrency that is aiming to solve the scalability issues that other coins like Bitcoin are facing at the moment. By using a complete new DAG based algorithm Travelflex isn’t just a simple clone or a token.
The block speed, for example, is 1 block per second, compared to 1 block per 10 min for Bitcoin. It will be a real Proof-of-Work (POW) coin that can be mined and runs on its own network unlike 90% of all the others coins.

The travel industry is one of the world’s largest industries, with steady growth every year. In 1995, about 520 million people travelled internationally. 20 years later, in 2015, this number had grown to 1,065 million people. The travel industry provides employment to more than 292 million people, which accounts for 10.2% of worldwide employment.
Travelers first paid with cash, then there were travelers cheques, and eventually there were payment cards to make financing your trip easier. With the development of better modes of transport and the invention of the airplane, reaching the other side of the world has become even easier.
Travelling has evolved in the past years, however, we at Travelflex believe we can take it to a higher level. Travelflex wants to connect the travel industry to blockchain, to make travel financially cheaper and more secure.

Market Position

VISA can handle on average around 1,700 transactions per second (tps), call it a daily peak rate of 4,000 tps. PayPal, in contrast, handled around 10 million transactions per day for an average of 115 tps in late 2014. Today the Bitcoin network is restricted to a sustained rate of 7 tps due to the bitcoin protocol restricting block sizes to 1MB.

Recently with improvements, let’s imagine the blocksize doubled to 2MB, so the rate also doubled to 14 tps.

Bitcoin – 3 to 4 transactions per second for 1MB, 6 to 8 tps for 2MB (Cost= 2-10 USD+) for 1MB
Ethereum – 20 transactions per second (Cost= 0.01-0.1 USD+)
Paypal – 193 transactions per second average
Iota 500 to 800 transactions per second on average

Travelflex (TRF) – 1200 to 1400 transactions per second and this will get faster with more users. Cost of fees is zero!