Nucleus Vision (NCASH)

Nucleus Vision (NCASH)












  • Blockchain + IoT Based Technology
  • Retailer Business Security Solution
  • New Innovation
Past ICO

 Nucleus Vision:-  Founded in 2014 at Harvard University, Nucleus is an IoT & Blockchain based, contactless identification system, using nCash cryptocurrency to enable transactions across retail ecosystem. Nucleus is an end-to-end technology solution that captures and provides previously un-accessed data to retailers and other ‘brick and mortar’ businesses through its proprietary blockchain and real time sensor technology. Nucleus currently has 19 ‘ION sensors’ deployed in 10 live retail establishments, supporting a valuable data network for unique visitor IDs and corresponding user data. Our proprietary IoT sensor technology doesn’t depend on any RFID, WiFi Bluetooth, or even facial recognition technologies to operate.

Long term, our intention is to bridge the gap between the online and offline retail world. Our venture is backed by several prominent investors including Tim Draper, Reliance Capital and more. Telecommunications plays a vital role in the functioning of our technology, and we have partnered with Vodafone, Reliance Communications and Idea Cellular to bring our platform to market.

“The full potential of connected devices is only achieved when they are tied to individual identities”

How does Nucleus work?

Nucleus has created a proprietary sensor technology that can uniquely identify users and detects temperature, pressure, motion, acceleration, and sound within its vicinity. This sensor can identify any customer in a physical store without Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or GPS protocols, and is completely seamless and frictionless. Our IoT sensor technology is able to detect mobile phones as they pass through storefronts or any other location where a sensor is set up, enabling our users to detect visitor phones and mobile Id data privately over blockchain.

This sensor feeds user-authorized data to an intelligence platform. In its current avatar, this intelligence engine provides users with useful and relevant product recommendations at brick-and-mortar retail locations.

What sectors or verticals will Nucleus focus on?

The early focus of our adoption strategy revolves around the retail sector. However, the Nucleus platform has applications in various markets. In its second phase of growth, Nucleus will deploy its smart IoT sensors across residential, commercial and industrial security systems. In phase three, we have our sights set on connecting the world through an ecosystem of interconnected IoT devices. Nucleus’s technology team has already begun putting together the frameworks for Nucleus Home, Nucleus Cars, Nucleus Health, Nucleus Agri, Nucleus City and Nucleus Air. We believe that the Nucleus platform has massive applications for smart communities/smart cities, agriculture, transportation, healthcare, and home monitoring.

Does Nucleus have a live & functional product?

Nucleus has spent the last three years building out the fundamental technology that powers its sensors and architecture. Nucleus IoT sensor technology is already live in 10 stores and is garnering an excellent response from retailers and customers alike. International retail brands, such as Giny & Jony in India, are already using Nucleus to deliver personalized offers to customers on their mobile phones. Over the past two years, Nucleus has worked with both national and international regulatory authorities to implement the applicable regulatory and privacy frameworks into our technology.