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Offer No. Name Value: Expiry What To Do: Description:
Offer No. Name Value Expiry What To Do: Description:
106 EasyLoot Airdrop 120+ LOOT~ 0.0096 ETH TELEGRAM Easyloot Airdrop is live on telegram. Join Easyloot telegram bot and join on their telegram group and enter your eth address then claim 120 LOOT tokens and earn 20 LOOT extra by referring friends to this airdrop.
112 WhenHub 500+ WHEN ~ $125.00+ SIGNUP, APP DOWNLOAD Whenhub is dropping WHEN tokens to promote it's Interface application. 500 WHEN tokens for each participants. 500 WHEN = 125.00$ OR 0.15 ETH.
To participate in when token airdrop, you need to follow these steps:
1. Go to WhenHub airdrop signup page.
2. Signup using google /linkedin account or email and password.
3. You will get application link and download the app in android/ iphone then login using the same.
4. Your WHEN token will be credited through blockchain, so it takes some time to live the wallet.
107 FireFlyCoin Airdrop $10+ SIGNUP, TWITTER, TELEGRAM, FACEBOOK Fireflycoin FFC airdrop is going on. Join to claim $10 worth of free FFC tokens. FFC token is now listed on yobit and cryptopia exchange. You have to join on their official social media channels in order to claim reward and also get extra $10 worth of free token for each referral.
99 ETokenChain 200 ETCN ~ $20 SIGNUP Etokenchain Airdrop is live. Just signup and get 200 ETCN which worths $20. Refer Friends and Earn more.
Join etokenchain airdrop
98 IOST Airdrop 70IOST+ ~ $3.54+ 24-05-2018 ETH ADDR, TELEGRAM IOST Airdrop again live for few days and only for korean users. IOST is now listed on coinmarketcap and tradable at several exchange. To participate in IOST airdrop you need to
First you need to access that webpage through korean ip. Search on google for korean ip then download proxy switcher in your browser (Firefox, Chrome or anyother). Put a korean ip and port ( like ) then follow bellow steps.
1. Go to IOST airdrop page which is is korean language.
2. Enter Your Ethereum Address , Verify captcha, click on submit.
3. You will get your activevation code copy that code. That should be /active xxxxxx.
4. Go to OfficialIOSKoren telegram group and paste the code.
5. Go to IOS Airdrop bot and paste that code here also. Your account will be activated and you will eligible for 70 IOS token. You can refer friends to get more.
87 Dock Giveaway $1.25+ referral $200 Signup, Verify(Telegram and Link Social Account) Follow Medium, Twitter, Facebook, telegram Dock is airdropping $1.25 for each new user registration and successfully verified user. Join Dock and verify by doing small task and claim free tokens. Extra tokens by referring more friend.
0 Cellblocks Giveaway 10 CLBK SIGNUP, TELEGRAM, [REFER] Get free CellBlocks tokens for joining our Telegram, and Twitter channels. Also, for each friend you refer, both you and your friend will each receive 10 CLBK for free
0 Viuly 50 VIU Token Signup Viuly is a decentralized social network, which provides free 50VIU Token for each user register into their website.
1. Go to and create an account.
2. Enter your basic details and get 50 VIU Token in Your account.
1VIU = $0.004504
0 SwiftDemand 200+ 100/24 Hours Signup and Verify Swiftdemand is new digital money which you can claim for free now. To claim swiftdemand Register and vefiry your acoount (4 verification). After verification you will get 200 swift and you can claim +100 swift in every hour.
0 Refind Social Network Giveaway 20 Coins Signup Using Facebook or Twitter Refind is another social network which is now droping free coins. Join on Refind to get 20 free coins.
0 FIT Token Airdrop and Giveaway Unknown Signup Join Airdrop and Join on Affiliate Program Signup on FIT Token Website and join on airdrop + join on affiliate program. You willbe credited for both airdrop and each friend you refer, the amount is still not disclosed.
0 KOIN Giveaway 25 KOIN Signup KOIN Token giveaway, 20 KOIN to each verified users. Join on KOIN to claim 10 free KOIN, more by referring friends.
0 JSEcoin 0.012 JSE SIGNUP JSEcoin is another web browser js crypto miner. Participate in JSEcoin to claim 0.012 JSE
0 aelf Bounty up to 200 ELF+ SIGNUP. connect Twitter, Follow, Share Participate in aelf bounty and earn free points to get aelf tokens for free.
88 Unboxed 400 NBOX ~ $22 SIGNUP [, FACEBOOK][, TWITTER][, LINKEDIN][, TELEGRAM][,REFER] Unboxed is another influencer marketing solution. Join on Unboxed NBOX token airdrop. Do some social sharing and joining task and get influencer points. That points will again converted into tokens. For each referral earn 50 points extra.
Signup For Unbox Airdrop
1500 Influence points = 250 NBOX
5000 influence points = 850 NBOX
10,000 influence points = 1750 NBOX
20,000 influence points = 3500 NBOX
30,000+ influence points = 4500 NBOX
90 Blockport 100 BPT< SIGNUP [, FACEBOOK] [, TWITTER] [, TELEGRAM] [, YOUTUBE] Blockport is a hybrid decentralized crypto exchange. It is already available on Kucoin and it's data is available on coinmarketcap.
Join on airdrop do small task by joining on social media page and more then you will get free points for BPT token.
91 Sparta 10 Sparta ~ $5 Sign up [, Telegram] [, Facebook] [, Twitter] [,Reddit] Sparta will be used as credits by non blockchain application startups and blockhain application startup will use Sparta as a utility token. Several businesses will accept sparta for product and services. Participants will get 10 sparta tokens and for each friend refer you will get extra 3 tokens.
To join in this airdrop you need to complete all steps. Extra Bonus for compeleting optional tasks
Fill the form
92 Verasity 400+ VERA FACEBOOK, TELEGRAM, SIGNUP Verasity is upcoming video sharing platform. VERA is the only currency which will be use on verasity platform for advertising and rewarding. Verasity is now dropping free token. Participate to earn free 400 VERA tokens.
To earn more VERA token you can refer your friends. Your referral link will available on bellow of the destination page after submission of form.
Signup For Verasity Airdrop
93 Superbloom 1000 SEED ~ $100 TWITTER, MEDIUM, FACEBOOK, TELEGRAM, FORM FILL UP Superbloom is a solution for crypto portfolio, buy and sell crypto assets. Join on superbloom airdrop and arn 1000 SEED tokens for free. To earn more you need to refer more users.Signup Here
94 Mingo 100 XMC ~ 0.0125 ETH SINGUP, TWITTER / FACEBOOK , [REFER] Join on mingo airdrop and earn 100 XMC by sharing into facebook / twitter. Refer friends and earn 200 XMC for each referral.
Join On Airdrop Now
95 EOPT Airdrop 1000 EOPT ETH ADDR, TELEGRAM [, REFER] Join on EOPT airdrop and claim 1000+ EOPT. 1 EOPT ~ 0.2$, Refer friends and extra 1000 EOPT for each friend you refer.
Join For EOPT Airdrop
96 ETHERC Airdrop 80 EET ~ $8 Telegram, Twitter , Email Follow the steps below to join our airdrop:
1) Join ETHERC Telegram Group
2) follow on Twitter here
3) Retweet Pinned Post
4) Submit your Email, Ethereum address, Twitter Username to receive your free EET.
Refer your friends and receive extra 20EET ($2) for every friend who joins through your referral link.
Join On Telegram Bot and Start
100 NextPakk Airdrop 300 PAKKA ~ $96 15-06-2018 SIGNUP, GMAIL/AMAZON [, TWITTER] [, TELEGRAM] [,FACEBOOK] NextPakk is dropping free PAKKA tokens. Each participants can earn 15 tokens and earn up to 300 tokens by joining on social fan page. Refer friends to earn 10 extra tokens for each referral.
To participate in this airdrop user need to signup through google or amazon account.
Sign Up For NextPakk Airdrop
101 CARROT Airdrop 100+ CARROT SIGNUP, EMAIL, MOBILE, KYC Bitrabbit exchange dropping free CARROT Tokens. Join and claim 100 CARROT for successful verification and earn more by referring friends. 50 CARROT/referral.
To participate in this airdrop you need to sign up and verify email and mobile number then you need to upload your id proof and selfie with id proof.
Join Carrot Airdrop
102 Avinoc Airdrop 3000 AVINOC ~ 120$ TWITTER , FACEBOOK, LINKEDIN, GITHUB, GOOGLE+ .. Avinoc airdrop is going on, Join to claim your free tokens. Get points by connecting social media accounts. Get upto 3000 token only by connecting social media account and more by referring friends. Avinoc Airdrop Signup
103 DAOX Airdrop 120DXC SIGNUP, TWITTER, TELEGRAM, BITCOINTALK Daox is another crypto project which aiming at decentralized investment economy. Join on daxo and compelete two task to earn free DXC Tokens. You can also refer your friends to earn more at least 40 DXC. Daox Airdrop Link
104 Rusgas 1000 RGS ~ $30 FORM, TELEGRAM [, REFER] RusGas is ? promising technological project that opens the possibllity for everyone to make contribution to the scientific progress.
Join on rusgas telegram group
Fill up the form and remember to put "@purnasahu" in referral id.
1000 RGS ($30 worth) for joining in airdrop and for referral 200 RGS ($6 worth).
108 AirTrade ATT Airdrop 1000ATT ~ $100 TELEGRAM Join on ATT Token Airdrop and claim 1000 ATT which worths $100.
109 SingularDTV Airdrop 1000 SLNGLS ~ $80 FORM FILLUP, TELEGRAM, TWITTER Join SingularDTV SNGLS token airdrop . 1000 SNGLS token will be distributed to each participants which worths $80 and you can also refer your friends to earn extra $20 worth of free tokens.
111 FTW Coin Airdrop 10 FTW ~ $3.3 TELEGRAM, NEO WALLET Inorder to participate in FTW Coin airdrop you need to have neo wallet address. If you have not any neo wallet you should create your own neo wallet before join on this airdrop. Then join and claim 10 FTW which worth $3.3 . Earn more by referring friends. Join On FTW Coin Airdrop
113 CalChain 6000+ CLAC ~ $600 FORM FILLUP, TELEGRAM, TWITTER Calchain is developing a one-stop solution for decentralized cloud-based services. Calchain is utilizing a hybrid of Blockchain and Tangle technologies, aim to revolutionize data storage and processing. Join calchain airdrop and get 6000CALC tokens which worth $600 as specified by the project creator. You can also earn upto $300 worth of ree CALC token by referring friends. It require to join on telegram channel and twitter.
Join on calchain airdrop
114 AtlantisBlue Airdrop 50+ ABDT ~ $30 TELEGRAM * AtlantisBlue Airdrop *
Get 50 ABDT for To join on this airdrop you need stellar wallet. Use your existing stellar wallet or create a new stellar wallet.Joining in the airdrop and extra 25 for each referral.
To join in this airdrop you need to access atlantisBlue telegram bot. then join on their telegram group and then you need to verify captcha which require mobile telegram app for better experience. You have to enter your stellar wallet address there.
115 OPU Labs 1300 OPU ~ $70 SIGNUP, EMAIL [, TELEGRAM] [, TWITTER] [, INSTAGRAM] [, YOUTUBE] [,FACEBOOK] OPU labs is skin care solution which is now dropping it's OPU tokens to each early supporters. You will get 1300 OPU tokens by joining in this airdrop.
1. Sigup For Opu airdrop
2. Complete user profile, image scan and skin profile to claim 300 OPU tokens.
3. Join on airdrop which required to join on social media channel for which you will get 1000 OPU tokens.
4. You must have to enter your eth address to claim your tokens after ico.
116 Linfinity Candy 350 Linfinity ~ $10 MOBILE NO, TELEGRAM, EMAIL Join linfinity candy airdrop and get 350 tokens which worth $10 and you can earn more by referring friends.
To participate in this airdrop follow these steps: 1. Go to linfinity airdrop page.
2. Enter you mobile number by selecting country code and verify your mobile number.
3. It will ask you to enter the specified code into telegram group. Join on telegram group and enter the code you have got.
4. After verification you will get your token on dashboard.
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