Steneum (STN)

$0.15 - $0.50
Steneum (STN)







Expected ROI



  • Steneum is a bitcoin clone
  • It suooprt lending to improve price value
  • General Used Crypto Currency
  • Steneum is minable Currency


  • MLM and Ponzi Scheme Based
Past ICO

Steneum (STN) is a Coin similar to Bitcoin with P2P transaction based on an open source platform. Steneum can be used for a lending program on (exchange). Steneum will also be used for payment of trading fees in the Bitsten exchange market. All transactions that have been made are recorded and displayed in Blockchain. Although user can set your identity anonymously, all your transaction can still be monitored through Steneum Blockchain Explorer. Steneum (STN) will release only 20 million coins worldwide. With increasing demand and limited supply, STN prices will rise. For Investors, Steneum (STN) can be used as a stacking program in the Bitsten exchange market, and they can get 20% daily income from the Bitsten exchange market. STN can be used for payments or enlisting new coins on After the ICO program ends, user can sell STN on the market to receive immediate profit.
For individuals, Steneum (STN) can be traded on criptocurrency exchanges. So you can get the profit from price movements. Steneum will be listed on Yobit and Bittrex after the ICO Sale End.

Unlike other coins, Steneum is unique. It is a real project that generates real benefits for its team and investors. Steneum does not use fiat like US dollars for its lending program, so if you lend 1,000 STN, you will get back 1,000 STN, not USD 1,000.

The daily commission comes from Bitsten market income. For example, you lend 1,000 STN during the contract period when the price at USD 1. When the contract is completed and the price is USD 5, then you can sell 1,000 STN  USD 5.

When the lending contract is completed, you can withdraw Steneum or renew your contract at will. You can also lend all the coins in your wallet.



1. There will be no coin lending minimum or maximum. All the coins in your wallet can be lent.
2. The contract will be for 30, 45, 60, or 90 days depending the amount lent. During the lending contract, STN cannot be withdrawn.
3. Daily commission will be allotted based on the lending formula.
4. Commission will be distributed in BTC.
5. Daily commission will be available to be withdrawn every day.
6. The same amount of STN that has been lent will be given back when the lending contract is completed.


Steneum is a ponzi based scheme, so invest on it by your own risk. CoinKhoj doesn’t recommend to support ponzi scheme based project. But sill many ponzi scheme like BCC, REC, HXT are success.