Visacoin (VCX)

Visacoin (VCX)








  • Minable Virtual Currency
Past ICO

Visacoin is built in accordance with the standards for cryptocurrencies with complex mining algorithms, operations on a blockchain platform to ensure maximum reliability and security for transactions. We look forward to a vibrant Visacoin community in the future. Visacoin will be used as a means of digital assets exchange through smart contracts, which helps reduce transaction fees and saves time, ensures high reliability.

Challenges and Solutions

Challenge 1: Attracting large Visacoin communities

The fact that thousands of new coins are introduced represents tremendous challenges for us to attract the attention of the community.

Solution 1: Building a reliable platform

We will develop a source code and algorithm based on bitcoin and improve some restrictions of bitcoin and implement a large-scale marketing program

Challenge 2: Visacoin payment gateway

To make visacoin widespread, it is essential to build simple, fast, and inclusive payment and transaction gateways

Solution 2: Step by step completing payment channels

Initially we will build an internal trading platform that helps investors to trade Visacoin through BTC. After that, Visacoin will be listed on prestigious trading floors

Challenge 3: Funding for project development

To fulfill our goals and visions, a very difficult problem for us is the capital to build and develop Visacoin.

Solution 3: Deploying ICOs to issue VCX Token Sales

We will conduct an ICO to raise funds from all investors around the world. Investors will have the opportunity to buy Visacoin at the lowest price.