UbiatarPlay (UAC)

UbiatarPlay (UAC)














  • UbiatarPlay give to the people the power to be instantly everywhere.
  • It gives an easy and honest job opportunity to anybody, anywhere.
  • It helps people overcome their physical limitations to see and experiment any place, any culture, any interaction; making mankind better and each individual a better human.
Active ICO

Ubiatar is the only project offering a viable and a real solution to the ancient dream of mankind: having the power of ubiquity, or instant transfer to any place.

The starting point is a normal smartphone held by a local individual (the Avatar); everything that is seen and heard by the Avatar is sent over the network to the Person at home (Usar) that in turn directs the Avatar so that he/she acts as his/her remote body.

The directions are given with a revolutionary GUI (Graphical User Interface) superimposed over the live video stream.

Avatars and Usars of Ubiatar will meet in the UbiatarPlay marketplace. This platform will work in a manner very similar to that of the Apple store and GooglePlay marketplaces, where publishers of apps meet with customers wanting to install/buy them. On Ubiatarplay the avatars offer their presence in a place

for a unique experience and Usars can active and pay them for the service. The incomes from the marketplace will be used to fulfil the UbiatarPlay mission: make ubiatar token value rise in the fastest and biggest way possible while providing honest job opportunities to people all over the world.

There is a number of people all around the world that are unemployed and would be more than willing to offer their physical presence for a reasonable reward. Ubiatar gives a great opportunity to have an own business and to be the manager of yourself.
UbiatarPlay all people will meet, discuss, learn from each other and exchange value. Value measured in money, but also culture, emotions, knowledge and expertise.

The UbiatarPlay marketplace will support a complete range of small to large third-party business projects, called HumanApps.

You will be able to brand your Avatar identity, or that of your group of Avatars, creating a name, a logo, a description and a set of pictures and graphics that will be your project page on the Human Empowerment Network.

Your brand could be a business, a charity, a leisure group or any other kind of legal idea or organization.

When you brand your presence and take full promotional power into your hands you will keep more of the revenues and thus support paid advertising.

It is like creating an App on the Apple store or GooglePlay marketplaces, but you can do that as a HumanApp: without any coding and with little or no money, just by organizing and promoting your offer with standard social network-like tools.

It will be up to your business, networking and peer-to-peer skills.