NeuroChain (CNN)

NeuroChain (CNN)












  • Neurochaon integrates machine learning and AI to improve performance of distributed systems.
  • No more smart contract, which force to lay down all the possible outcomes in advance.
  • Incredible Speed which is thousands od times faster than the regular blockchain.
Active ICO

NeuroChain is an augmented blockchain designed to improve the performance and capabilities of distributed systems. Unlike existing standard blockchain, it is composed by a chain of Bots where machine learning and artificial intelligence enrich the network. As an open source project, based on proof of involvement and integrity & proof of workflow consensus, it is well suited to transform existing business models. The underlying crypto-currency is named “Clausius”.

Distributed System + New Consensus + Machine Learning = NeuroChain

The development of the ICO in recent months shows the interest of the public, investors and institutions for Blockchain technology. However, this rush to the ICO has generated a number of inconsistent and insubstantial projects where Blockchain’s relevance is debatable.

Why Should Join On Neurochain?

In the next 5 years, the world as we know will not be the past. It will be history.

Machine learning and collective artificial intelligence can overcome the formidable challenges left by previous generations and set the scene for a better world.
The ability to focus people’s individual investment power on what matters to them, will result in a more balanced world.
NeuroChain is a powerful protocol able to assemble talents and leverage collective artificial intelligence. Climate change, renewable energy development, wealth distribution, famine reduction… are extraordinary complex issues to address when treated independently.
When a common language is delivered to the developer community, collective artificial intelligence become an unstoppable force.
Neurochain economic models can be rebuilt leveraging data, secured transactions and wide connectivity.