Cappasity (CAPP)

Cappasity (CAPP)














  • Decentralized 3D/AR/VR Content Creating Application
  • Phase 1 CAPP Token Sale Already Provided Up to 50 times return in price value
  • Team Members Are Very Good and Working Hard For The Success Of The Project
  • Easy 3D Scan App Allow Users To Create 3D Content By Using Digital Camera and Allow to Share or Sell
  • It is easy to Integrate Embedded 3D Contents On Online Store and eCommerece CMS.
Active ICO

Cappasity phase 2 token sale is live! Don’t miss the chance in real world crypto 3D content project. Cappasity is the first 3D, AR and VR content creation application which used Artificial Intelligence and provide a interactive user interface to create 3D content. User can create 3D content with their normal camera and share it or sell it to others. Cappasity is a cloud storage based host which allows businesses quickly and easily create and embed 3D content into their websites, mobile apps, and VR/AR applications.

It needs just 3 minutes to create 3D, AR and VR content for a business project or product. Browsing speed is 4x faster as compare to proprietary 3D format with data streaming. By integrating cappasity 3D product image, online store will get up to 30% higher conversion in sale. Fewer inquiry from customers as they directly views 3D image of product. Customer will interact with 3D product as real one and can spin in 360 degree which will provide more interaction and create motivation to buy their required product.  It is easy to embedded 3D image in online store or cappasity will help business while integrating 3D content in BIGCOMMERECE, Shopify, Magento, Prestashop web application.

To create 3D content it need to download free 3D digitizing software “Easy 3D Scan” to create 3D Views. All you need is photo studio equipment, a motorized turntable to rotate your products and a digital camera.

After phase 1 token sale, cappasity got more popularity and more user adopted it, the price value of token increase even more than 50 times. So CAPP ICO sale is 100% recommended by experts and early investors.

Cappasity CAPP Token is already listed into Cryptopia and KuCoin.