CannaSOS PerksCoin (PCT)

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CannaSOS PerksCoin (PCT)












  • Decentralized Social Network
Past ICO

CannaSOS is a comprehensive social network and advertising platform geared towards worldwide cannabis industry. CannaSOS is divided into multiple sections: Strain Database, Pulse, Advice, Business, Store, News, Social, all developed primarily to generate leads for businesses.

Since opening the doors to the public in January of 2014, CannaSOS acquired over 315,000+ registered members, 1000+ active business pages, 4,900+ marijuana strain database, 200+ social groups, 8,500+ user strain reviews, over 3,900,000 strain page views, 2380 posted advice Q/A, 3700+ posted articles, and much more. Our platform is continuously evolving, and we are working hard on developing and implementing unique products that will allow canna related businesses to promote their brands locally and globally.
The PerksCoin token, PCT in short, is an Ethereum based ERC20 token designed to be the main transaction medium within the PerksCoin Transaction Platform (PTP), designed by CannaSOS.

PCT token is set to run on decentralized blockchain technology, ensuring transparency and security of all financial transactions.

PCT Token Acquisition

Participants of PTP ecosystem can acquire PCT tokens by:

* Trading on cryptocurrency exchange;
* Purchasing tokens during Presale and Crowdsale events;
* Purchasing tokens directly from CannaSOS and/or other token holders;
* Earning tokens through social engagement on the platform;
* subscribing to loyalty programs offered by participating merchants;
* Trading tokens for goods and services with participating businesses within PTP ecosystem.

Perkscoin Token (PCT) Use after Completion of Crowdsale

After PCT token generation event, individuals and businesses alike can use PCT tokens to:

* Pay for advertising;
* Pay for business membership;
* Pay for sponsored articles and other marketing products offered by CannaSOS platform.