What Is Cryptocurrency Airdrop?

A. Cryptocurrency Airdrop is free distribution of blockchain based crypto assets organized by crypto project. Investors will participate in crypto airdrop to claim free coins or tokens. Coinkhoj collects information about airdrop and giveaway offers and publish for public use. Many airdrops doesn't require to invest anything, some of them needs small amount as donation which will be used for transaction charge.

Why Creator Offers Free Crypto Airdrop?

A. Airdrop is generally created by crypto projects to gain popularity in use of their coins. Which helps to spread awareness of a crypto assets within ceratin period of time.

Where to sell airdrop coins?

A. Each project is independently run by different community. The creator of the project will negotiate with exchange and will be declared by them during or after the coin distribution. Participant can then sell their airdropped coin at that particular or exchange

What is Bounty Program?

A. In bounty program company provides tasks to participant, and participant will be get paid in the form of token if only participant complete the task. There are several type of bounty like Signature Bounty, Referral Bounty, Social Bounty, Article Bounty.
Signature Bounty: It needs to place a signature/link on forum signature by participant which is designated by company. Generally this campaign targets bitcointalk.org users.
Referral Bounty: In referral bounty participant needs to refer their friends to ICO sale or airdrop or refer to join on social page.
Social Bounty: In social bounty participant needs to follow crypto project social fan page and share their prepared text on their own wall.
Article Bounty: In article bounty participant needs to create an article the project and publish them to their personal blog or news magazine.
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