The Wall coin is a decentralized Ethereum-based ERC-20, it will use for antivirus programs.
The wall coin team is working on building of Blockchain Antivirus , with will have function off data safe program. Cheaper, Faster and Safer !!
Dev Team consists 5 people and have 8 years experiences with antivirus programs.

Name: The Wall Coin
Standard: ERC20
Total Supply: 9,250,000 TW
Contract Adress : 0x73B4AF4892857957e7a15D59B993640010C30789
Symbol: TW
Decimals: 6

Airdropped to participants: 1,000,000
Bounties: 500,000
Development Team: 2,250,000
Pre-Sale : 1,500,000
MAIN-SALE :4,000,000


To participate in this airdrop you must have account or create a new one, must have 0.1ETH in your wallet, then follow official The Wall Coin Twitter account then fill up this form.