Dolos is a decentralized, automated trading application for currencies cryptocurrencies, forex, bonds, commodities, index futures, equities and CFD’s. The Dolos will establish a new way of trading with our chart types and create more efficient and accurate methods to utilize market data. Dolos provide a platform from which to trade various financial markets using a very unique set of proprietary algorithms, and to automate the process so that anyone (professional or inexperienced trader) can use the system.

Problem: Industrial size miners of the blockchain have taken over from the early gold rushers, and the only way for people to increase their coinage now is through purchase or trading. Trading on a 24 hours 7 day a week is exhausting, and automation is required:  software development is expensive and out of reach for most (potential) traders worldwide. Trading knowledge is a difficult and steep learning curve.

Solution: An expert trading application designed specifically to trade on the financial markets, regardless of trading experience. A smart token, with its underlying value, gives access to a fully automated trading system. Buy and sell this token on a crypto exchange. An exclusive community of like-minded members whose input helps to increase the profitability of the built-in methods, and thus increase the value of the application

Price of Token: $50 or 0.05ETH