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1 ETH = 4500 STC
CoinStarter (STC)












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  • More amount of token distributted in giveaway
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CoinStarter or StarterCoin is a platfrom to provide service for startup business from creation of ICO to fund raise in every step it will help to build any idea successful. A first of its kind blockchain platform to help entrepreneurs, innovators and creators bring their ideas to life. It plans to be World’s First and Largest ICO Funding Community The ultimate source to discover and participate in the newest and most promising coin offerings.

Some Key Points:

  • Blockchain to monitor, store and analyze goods in the Pharmaceuticals & Food Industry.
  • DynAuth is the new standard of authentication. There is no forgotten password for online accounts or coin wallets anymore.
  • Kinekt provides the world’s first low-cost blockchain integrated terminal that is entirely customer service and technology agnostic.
  • ARG Tool Station: Coinstarter creating an online platform that will provide blockchain powered tools for cryptography, steganography and forensics.
  • Build [BLD] Token is a smart contract system, based on Ethereum that uses blockchain for investments in industrial constructions.
  • We are developing high frequency trading algorithms on AWS to trade a wide range of instruments like crypto currencies, forex, commodities and stock market CFD Indices.
  • Dental Integra: An evidence-based, global dental health care platform for dentists, that uses the blockchain for storing of health records, insurance claim verification and approval.
  • Big Scale Solar Multi Cryptocurrency Mining: Scaleable and sustainable bitcoin mining in a suitable desert area.