Chimaera pushes the gaming frontier and allows multiplayer games to be hosted on the blockchain. Entire game worlds built from the ground up to be decentralized. In-game items that can be obtained with your own skill with true ownership – and they have real world value. Gaming worlds that run unstoppable on the blockchain that cannot be shut down by any authority. ICO will start from March 23rd, 2018.

Airdrop Details:
– Please follow the instructions on this form carefully.
– Only the first 5000 submissions will be accepted into the Chimaera Airdrop.
– Tokens will be given out to users once the Chimaera ICO Sale has finished.
– Multiple Accounts, Spam, or any abuse of the Airdrop Program will result in disqualification.
– Chimaera (CHI) is NOT an Ethereum based token. Chimaera uses it’s own blockchain, and the Chimaera Core wallet will be needed to hold CHI coins. The CHI Wallet will be released in Q2 this year.

All eligible participants will receive 15 CHI Coins.

To participate in chimaera airdrop you need to create an account on it’s website and go to “Airdrop”, join on telegram channel, subscribe reddit channel, follow on twitter. Submit all details in that form and wait for the airdrop distribution.

Requirement: Signup, Telegram, Reddit, [Twitter]

Registration Link